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     A Strong Woman's Curse

I look at who I am and I realize I have always been known as someone you can depend on.  Always.  I am the highly organized sort, one who pays attention to detail, remembers random facts, numbers and conversations, and can finish people’s sentences just by feeling what they are talking about and knowing their vocabulary choices.  I also intuitively sense when something is off in a situation, and will try to fill the gap to enable things to run smoothly.  As much as I am a highly functioning and helpful individual, there is a huge downside to being that kind of person.  I rarely experience that same kind of dependability from others and am oftentimes left hanging.  My girlfriends of similar ilk would agree, and would go so far as to say our kind are not extended the same kind of concern, care and consideration since it’s assumed by others we are in no need of any help. The sad part is that it really is a faux aura of strength, responsibility and “non-neediness,” because we all could use a gesture of support, a helping hand.  This “aura” that accompanies the highly functioning persona (and it is a persona) is a curse.  A Strong Woman’s Curse.  It follows us through all our endeavors - even to the workplace where, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil.”  When I bartended I would call it the Money Sparkle.   A term I coined for those girls who guys throw down the bigger tip for, even if their drink was made wrong…even if they didn’t order a drink at all.  In personal relationships, it is when your partner lets you do all the planning.  Or, it can even be seen in that simple night out at a bar when the girl next to you gets a drink bought for her.  


Yes, I think all of us have been the one who didn’t “get the drink.” It probably kind of irked you a little (not that you would ever openly admit to that). 







* Journalist * Copy Editor * Content Editor  *       

           *ProofreaderCopywriter  *  Ghostwriter *

* Journalist * Copy Editor * Content Editor  *       

           *ProofreaderCopywriter  *  Ghostwriter *


It is my pleasure to give a full-throated recommendation for Tiffany Walker. Tiffany read my book: I Can’t Believe My Live Has Come To This.  When we talked about it she said there were areas that needed improvement and correction. I was somewhat surprised because, before publication, I used two accomplished editors.

Thankfully I asked Tiffany to edit the book and she was simply amazing. She saw things that others missed. Her use and understanding of language and grammar was exceptional. She was able to see and understand the Gestalt of the book in a deep and profound way and her insights and suggestions were on point and extraordinarily helpful.

I hope that you are lucky enough to be able to work with her.

Gary Penn, Ph.D.

Psychologist and Author

Dr. Gary Penn

Tiffany Walker was a pleasure to work with while I was putting together a submission for a collegiate journal based on excerpts from my dissertation.  She is a phenomenal listener, who understand the nuances of fine writing.  Tiffany pays attention to details, has strong regard for deadlines, and knows how to capture an author's natural and unique voice.


Dr. Brian Cotter




Dr. Brian Cotter

I have had the great pleasure of knowing Tiffany Walker as an artist since 1998; and as a creative consultant since 2006 when she began helping me update, fix, and create written content for both my clients and my own personal material. 


She has a unique voice and a unique vision; and deeply commits herself to every project she undertakes. 


I cannot recommend her enough!


-Ken Goldstein 

     Founder and CEO of The Six Shooter Company

     Founder and CEO of The Website Company

     Author, The Way of the Nerd

     Los Angeles, CA 


Ken Goldstein


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